• Route

    My route starts in East London, travels through Central London and ends in South London, with pit stops along the way. [Read my full route description below]
  • This route starts in East London, travels through Central London and ends in South London, with pit stops along the way.

    Herald St: Christina Mackie 

    Beautiful and seductive visual material propositions.  A gallery always worth making the trip to east London for. 


    Pitstop: Café East (if you can get a table!)


    Soft Opening: Narumi Nekpenekpen – Intra-action: Part 1 

    Playful and intricate works which manage to achieve a perfect clarity of image and refinement of form, which is often extremely rare to execute well.


    Victoria Miro: Isaac Julien - Once Again… (Statues Never Die)

    Julien is one of the best out there at combining great subject matter in a sumptuous way - be sure to also visit his retrospective at Tate Britain.


    Sadie Coles HQ Davies Street: Lawrence Lek – Black Cloud Highway

    Sadie Coles has a brilliant programme and Lawrence Lek makes some of the best contemporary immersive video work.


    Hauser & Wirth:Gary Simmons – This Must Be the Place 

    I've been a fan of Simmons since I was a student, I was lucky enough to visit his studio shortly after graduating - likely 15 years ago now. I was very excited to hear the news that he was represented by Hauser & Wirth. This is a perfect opportunity to see his work in London.


    Marlborough: Joe Tilson - Modest Materials and A-Z Box of Friends & Family 

    Tilson was a pioneer of Pop Art and I’m always interested to see works that have influenced generations that have come after. This show has some real treats.


    White Cube Mason’s Yard: Isamu Noguchi - This Earth, This Passage

    You’ve seen it in the books now, see it for real! I love Noguchi's interplay between design and architecture - In my opinion, it's some of the most satisfying sculpture that has ever been made.


    Thomas Dane Gallery: Alexandre Da Cunha – Broken 

    One of those galleries that never puts a foot wrong, always something rewarding to see there - Alexandre da Cunha is no exception.


    Copperfield: - Larry Achiampong - And I saw a new heaven 

    Achiampong is making some of the most important work in Britain at the moment. I think with this show - the more time you give it, the more it gives back.


    Corvi Mora: Che Lovelace – Day Always Comes

    It always makes me happy that there’s such an incredible gallery in Kennington, which is very close to where I grew up, showing work by such important artists. This is another beautiful show.


    Pitstop: When I'm in the area I like to pop into The Black Prince pub on Black Prince Road in Kennington - they have good food and always a great playlist!