Gazelli Art House: Curator-led tour

Friday 13 May | Time: 3-4.30pm

Curator-led tour by Alistair Hicks of the show Liminality by Aida Mahmudova.


On 13th May at 3:00 PM (BST), join us at Gazelli Art House (39 Dover Street) for a special curator tour by the well-known Alistair Hicks. The solo show, Liminality, by Aida Mahmudova, showcases a range of new works by the Azerbaijani artist shrouded by an aura of metaphysical fog - adding a layer of surrealism, positioning each piece as memories that are fading within time and space.


The concept of space is closely investigated through the lens of the artist. As Mahmudova explains, “we exist within space, we co-exist in parallel, and space exists within us.” The artist explores the juxtaposition of private and public, places and non-places, spaces and non-spaces.