NıCOLETTı: Bella Riza Screening

Friday 13 May | Time: 7.30 pm

Organised by artist Bella Riza, this event revolves around a collection of short films exploring the notion of absence and ephemerality through the experience of familial relationships, history, belonging and identity. Bringing together artists with different backgrounds and modes of expression, the selection of films operates at a personal level to explore the complex and imaginatively fertile space of remnants of loss. Often moving beyond sole visual perception and linear narrative forms, these short films draw on sensorial interactions, giving shape to bodily presence, even when it remains absent from the image. Tracing emotional experiences and geographical connections the filmmaking process becomes a transforming space of re-remembering, reconstruction and re-imagination.

Bella Riza (b.1989) is an artist and filmmaker based in London. Her work explores the representation of memory, cultural experience and personal histories, in connection to ideas of belonging. Through a lens-based and writing practice she attempts to map and re-imagine spaces, creating a place for internal subjective experiences to meet with outer, external landscapes. As part of the not before it has forgotten you, she is presenting Divided Island, 2019, a video that moves between past known and unknown experiences, stirring a relationship to the image, or memory, that allows its appearance and disappearance over time.


Open to the public. For more info, please email [email protected]