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Karsten Schubert London represents a selection of prominent and emerging British artists: Rose English, Sarah Kogan, Frances Richardson and Alison Wilding. Since its founding in 1986 the gallery has presented a continuous programme in London’s Soho, today operating at 46 and 44 Lexington Street.

Karsten Schubert London
Room 2, 44 Lexington Street
+44 207 734 9002
  • Cathie Pilkington: Estin Thalassa, 01 June - 09 July 2021

    Cathie Pilkington: Estin Thalassa

    Courtesy Karsten Schubert London

    Cathie Pilkington: Estin Thalassa

    01 June - 09 July 2021
    Cathie Pilkington's new exhibition, Estin Thalassa at Karsten Schubert London's Room 2, is an extravagant and claustrophobic response to the dislocation and disorientation of the current times, an accumulation of manically cobbled and carefully composed elements and images, combining furniture-like structures - screens, dividers, fabric banners and richly painted velvet wall-hangings with traditionally modelled and polychromed sculptural objects. Pilkington's installation presents the spectator with optically dazzling patterns and motifs that flow unconstrained across disparate decorated surfaces alternately emphasising or camouflaging three-dimensional form and volume in a kind of excessive Gothic Vorticism. Interwoven themes of disintegration, death, rebirth and reparation reveal a reflexive picturing of the creative process itself, an extended poemagogic meditation on the inheritance of the Grand sculptural tradition filtered through lowly derivatives such as garden ornaments, toys and dolls. The result is a confusion of heterogenous styles and registers, a collision of folk culture and canonical high art...