Specialising in sculpture since 1965

Founded in 1965, the Sladmore specialises in Sculpture. The gallery grew from a family collection, so our sculpture is selected with the collector in mind with two locations in Mayfair and St. James’s. We place monumental sculpture in private and public locations – notably Nic Fiddian-Green’s ‘Horse at Water’, Marble Arch and Mark Coreth’s ‘Frankel’, Ascot. Sladmore publications has books in their 6th reprint and we loan pieces regularly to museums around the world.

Sladmore Contemporary
32 Bruton Place
+44 207 629 1144
  • Beyond Bronze, 19 May - 11 June 2021

    Nichola Theakston

    Terracotta Dog2021

    An original, unique terracotta sculpture

    32 x 76 x 23 cm


    Beyond Bronze

    19 May - 11 June 2021
    Beyond Bronze explores the work of our artists who sculpt in media and experimental materials outside of the tradition of bronze. Highlights include Nic Fiddian-Green’s serene marble horse sculptures, Mario Dilitz’s universal artisan driven figurative sculptures in wood, Kensuke Fujiyoshi’s traditional yet modern crafted ceramics, Nichola Theakston’s sensitive portrayals of hounds in terracotta, Edouard Martinet’s animals created from found objects will be displayed.