A forward-thinking modern and contemporary art gallery.

Huxley-Parlour Gallery, founded in London in 2010, is a forward-thinking modern and contemporary art gallery. Representing over 25 artists and estates across a wide range of mediums, the gallery’s dynamic programme is committed to creating a dialogue between those artists who have made an impact on recent art history, and those who are at its vanguard today.

3-5 Swallow Street
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  • John Copeland: Heavy Reverb , 06 May - 04 June 2021

    John Copeland

    Mind Your Viscerals, 2021


    John Copeland: Heavy Reverb 

    06 May - 04 June 2021
    Huxley-Parlour gallery are delighted to present their first exhibition with American artist, John Copeland, opening May 2021. The exhibition will include six large scale paintings, and will be Copeland's most ideologically wrought to date. John Copeland's work is characterised by expressive mark making; thick, impasto oils, and heavily wrought, layered scenes. Often appropriating pictures found in print media and pornography, Copeland layers his imagery, like a palimpsest, to create complex compositions that hint at insidious, libidinal drives amongst otherwise ordinary tableaus. Copeland's work continues a postmodernist project interrogating an increasing distance between surface and substance, routine and the existential state of being. Whilst Copeland's work has always trod heavy psychological stomping ground: pornography, the death drive, media, spectatorship, and the psyche. Heavy Reverb is Copeland's most ideologically incisive exhibition to date, with his ideas fine-tuned over the pandemic months. Speaking of Heavy Reverb, Copeland says: 'These works are the result...
  • Tobias Bradford: Stage Fright, 06 May - 02 July 2021

    Tobias Bradford

    Stage Fright, 2021

    Installation view at Huxley-Parlour, London

    © Tobias Bradford

    Courtesy of Huxley-Parlour

    Tobias Bradford: Stage Fright

    06 May - 02 July 2021
    Huxley-Parlour Gallery are delighted to announce Tobias Bradford as the third artist to exhibit in the the Huxley-Parlour Project Space. Bradford will present a robot band, who are afraid to be seen. In Stage Fright, Bradford will take over the downstairs floor of Huxley-Parlour gallery with an animatronic marching band. Taking imaginative departure from the culture of twentieth century machinated bands like Chuck-e-Cheese, the exhibition will look closely at these cheaply produced, animated sculptures, whose performance will be jittery, intermittent, and nervous. Bradford’s practice looks at sentience and the uncanny, specifically in sculpted mechanical engineering such as puppets and robots. He is interested in debates surrounding free will, agency, and the increasingly ambitious definition of ‘self’ when it comes to semi-sentient objects. His work seeks to defamiliarise objects by replicating ordinary movements on a technical level, and in turn, making the mundane, strange.