ALICE BLACK is a contemporary art gallery based in Soho, London. Working with a dynamic network of emerging and established international artists we reflect and celebrate the vitality and evolving nature of art today. Our programme spotlights empowered makers and critical thinkers and those who are progressively pushing the bounds of their medium or conceptual inquiry. There is a strong socio, political and environmental dimension to our programme which stems from a wish to support and champion artists whose practices deal with the pressures of our time.

81a Endell Street
+44 207 734 7019
  • Hawks in Her Hair, 12 April - 7 June 2021

    Hawks in her Hair, 2021

    Installation View at ALICE BLACK

    Hawks in Her Hair

    12 April - 7 June 2021
    ALICE BLACK is proud to present Hawks in her Hair, a group show featuring Ivan Black, Sol Bailey Barker, Camilla Bliss, Gillian Carnegie, Sophie Charalambous, Dante Elsner, Hannah Lees, Christine Marchese, Hannah Murgatroyd, Louis Okwedy, Tristan Pigott, Clementine Robertson and Victor Seaward at 81a Endell Street, WC2H 9DX. In this material world, where humans live behind a wall of 'knowing', there is something very beguiling about the hidden realm of Mysticism. Thinly veiled and pulling at the edges of our consciousness, Mysticism is described as 'the immediate experience of oneness with Ultimate Reality' [Donald Attwater], or the inherent interconnectedness of all things. Those who have themselves had mystical experience and those who have studied it, are agreed that the 'mystical vision is ineffable'. Since we first learnt to grind pigment and make marks on cave walls, artists have sought to express the inexpressible in visual form. Hawks in her Hair...