Messums London is the West End outpost of the Messums Wiltshire brand founded in 2016 by Johnny Messum.
Messums London celebrates the best of artists, conceptual craft and the skill of the hand when applied to creativity across the ages. Regular exhibitions across the year complete and compliment the programme of events that our 13th Century Tithe Barn near Salisbury.
Messums London
28 Cork Street
+44 207 437 5545
  • Christie Brown: Untold Froms of Life, 12 May - 11 June 2021

    Christie Brown



    Christie Brown: Untold Froms of Life

    12 May - 11 June 2021
    Christie Brown's figures teeter on the foggy intersection between art and craft. Very clearly sculptural but informed by a deep history of clay. Upon graduating from a diploma in Studio Pottery at Harrow in the early 1980's, Brown found her work without an obvious niche.Under the burden of this last devastating year these figures manifest a truly universal experience. There are no archetypes to guide our actions, we have no instincts this far from normality and Brown draws attention to the heavy toll of that, stripping away the stiff upper lip and brave faces. Throughout her work Brown has examined the collective unconscious and the liminal spaces of our being and, through characters that we animate, she allows us to better know ourselves.