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    My route will take us from Central to East, beginning in Mayfair and ending in Bethnal Green as we stop by to say hello to a few Artlogic clients along the way. Use our interactive map to plot your route, download it to your phone for offline access and get cycling. [Read my full route description below]
  • My route will take us from Central to East, beginning in Mayfair and ending in Bethnal Green as we stop by to say hello to a few Artlogic clients along the way. Use our interactive map to plot your route, download it to your phone for offline access and get cycling.

    Before the cycling begins, I'd suggest heading over to Shreeji Newsagents off Chiltern Street to grab a coffee and maybe a pastry. Redesigned by Gabriel Chipperfield - son of architect David Chipperfield - what appears to be simply a newsagent, becomes an Alice in wonderland experience as you discover the warren of rooms behind the facade.


    I'm starting off my journey at GRIMM's newest location in Mayfair. Having been an Artlogic client since 2015, it's terrific to see their growth and expansion over the past few years. Though a trip to Amsterdam is always a welcome opportunity it is lovely to have such an exciting roster of artists on my doorstep in London. Here you'll see a colourful and thought provoking solo exhibition of new work by London-based artist Charles Avery.


    As a devout football fan myself, I'm intrigued by Edel Assanti's current exhibition 'NEOPLAN', which explores the rituals and social spaces integral to football fan clubs, team loyalty and community. A particularly timely exhibition considering the extremely popular recent docu-series 'Welcome to Wrexham'. Highlighting the extreme highs and lows of extremely committed football fans and their Hollywood actor owners! Highly recommend viewing ahead of visiting this exhibition.


    Staying in Fitzrovia, next I'm heading over to Castor in their new central location to see 'Works on Paper' by the late Roberta Booth. At Artlogic, the future of technology is always on our radar, so I'm interested to step back to the 70s and 80s to explore Booth's own fascination with the rise of the machine. Her works give a new power and potential to household objects such as plugs, toasters, and trouser presses far above their intended use.


    Don't miss out on the soft and subtle compositions of Bruno Pacheco's new solo show at Hollybush Gardens, where you'll be able to weave amongst large canvas' stretched across upright posts throughout the gallery space.


    The intersection of art and technology has alway intrigued and fascinated me. And so where better to visit than Modern Art - Helmet Row to see the works of Jacqueline Humphries? As the New York Times declared "few painters today engage with the challenges of new technology as persuasively as Jacqueline Humphries." Canvas or computer? Equal parts bold and intricate, her works will make you want to get up real close before taking a few large steps back to really take it all in.

    From digital languages to the textural, tactile tones of Libyan born artist Nour Jaouda at Union Pacific. A gallery with a dynamic programme of events and emerging international artists. Jaouda's painted textiles are a conduit for exploring sights relating to migration.


    If you are a tad peckish at this point, head over to Rochelle Canteen for some lunch. With bike racks just outside it's a good place to park up and grab some light lunch and delicious treats.


    I'll be sure to stop by Maureen Paley off Three Colts Lane. A pioneer of London's East end art scene since 1984, I'm looking forward to checking out their latest exhibition by artist Avis Newman.


    To complete my journey, a great new contribution to the East London gallery scene is Rose Easton. First opened in 2021 as Moarain House, they were a winner of the Artlogic Young & Emerging Gallery Initiative in partnership with LGW last year, during which we sponsored three galleries entry fees to LGW and provided a year's free subscription to the Artlogic platform. I'm looking forward to exploring their solo exhibition by Swedish artist Amanda Moström.

    And that concludes my gallery bike tour for this year. What could be better than a weekend of art with a little exercise thrown in for good measure. I look forward to seeing you all out there!