Modern Art is a London based gallery opened by Stuart Shave in 1998.
Modern Art is a London based gallery opened by Stuart Shave in 1998. In 20 years the gallery has occupied six locations in east and central London, presently being homed across two London spaces; a converted 5,000 sq ft pre-war factory building in the Clerkenwell area of central London and a new gallery space in the heart of Mayfair, which provides 1,200 sq ft of exhibition space, as well as a viewing room and offices. The gallery has a diverse intergenerational and international programme. Modern Art's intention is to assist artists in the development of their practices and the creation...
Modern Art
4-8 Helmet Row
+44 207 299 7950
  • Sanya Kantarovsky: The House of the Spider, 08 May - 12 June 2021

    Sanya Kantarovsky: The House of the Spider

    08 May - 12 June 2021
    'The spider's web is exposed to the elements of nature: heat, cold, wind and rain. In fact, the web does not protect the spider from anything, as its main function is to provide the spider with insects for food. It is the least secure, and the least stable, of structures. Any human being who believes he or she is stable, or secure materially or socially in terms of habits or habitat, is dwelling on as flimsy a premise as the spider's web.' - Shaykh Fadhlalla Haer This group of representational paintings was made between the months of December 2019 and March of 2021. It involves a range of subjects and motifs, rendered primarily in oil and watercolour. In many of the paintings, subjects are positioned in monochrome colour fields which function as stages, while in others, interactions unfold against florid representations of nature. Most of the images suggest a preceding...