• Route

    Starting in Lambeth this route includes a little spin around Mayfair before ending in Harlesden. [Read the full route description below]
  • Starting in Lambeth this route includes a little spin around Mayfair before ending in Harlesden.

    We will start down in Lambeth and Sunday Painter’s new space where Emily Kraus is exhibiting with the gallery for the first time. Kraus paints within a special apparatus, constructed by herself in metal; I am very intrigued by these works which feel like they make the surface of the canvas vibrate.

    Then a little spin around Mayfair, first with Belmacz. I’m a strong supporter of Belmacz and the work they’re doing. Several artists I’m interested in or have been working with are included in their exhibition of London Gallery Weekend: Olu Ogunnaike being one of them! Next to Stephen Friedman Gallery in Mayfair who is showing South Korean artist Yooyun Yang. I am really looking forward to the exhibition of this young painter, whose work I came across through “Is it morning for you yet?”, the 58th Carnegie International curated by Sohrab Mohebbi.

    We travel through Soho, where Vardaxoglou Gallery is showing Niamh O’Malley,  who represented Ireland in the last Venice Biennial. I was very touched by the work there and I cannot wait to see more. A little further walk into Fitzrovia and Edel Assanti’s show of Marcin Dudek; the artist presented such a strong work last year at Frieze, I’m looking forward to seeing how the work developed.

    And finally, our route takes us to finish at Harlesden High Street. It’s a little way out, but I am sure it will be well worth the trip. I cannot wait to be surprised! Look out for the performance programme (which takes place outside the walls of the gallery).