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Founded in 2000 by Julia Muggenburg, Belmacz began as a central London space to display contemporary art exhibitions and her sculptural jewels. Working with established and emerging international artists, represented by the gallery through its annual program of solo exhibitions and thematic group shows Belmacz since became a destination.

45 Davies Street
+44 207 629 7863
  • Abbas Zahedi: 11&1, 01 - 11 June 2021

    Abbas Zahedi

    11 & 1 semi rational records of artchievement, 2021

    Abbas Zahedi: 11&1

    01 - 11 June 2021
    Welcomed with sound, 11&1 is an open invitation to congregate, to drop in, to breathe. For 11 days the galley's space will be transformed, given new atmospheric hapticality, in celebration of Abbas Zahedi's first artists' publication and solo exhibition with Belmacz. Abbas Zahedi works with and through space: that 'continuous area or expanse which is free, available, or unoccupied.' Derived from the Latin (Proto- Indo-European) spatium 'to stretch, to pull', Zahedi bends space, expanding what is seemingly known, in order to allow something a/effective to happen. Following Zahedi's recent solo exhibitions How To Make A How From A Why? (South London Gallery, 2020) and Ouranophobia SW3 (2020-21), 11&1 can be seen as a formative point of becoming in Zahedi's exhibitionary praxis. As a moment of theory-informed action, the exhibition weaves together the mathematical formula 'completing the square' (a formula one can use to solve any quadratic equation) and postmodern logics...