Located in Bethnal Green above The Approach Tavern, for over twenty years The Approach has operated an internationally recognised programme from its East London base.

Founded in 1997, The Approach is co-directed by Jake Miller and Emma Robertson.The gallery is known for discovering artists and establishing their careers as well as making inter-generational curated group shows a strong focus. Over the years the gallery has operated parallel programmes in additional gallery spaces in London’s West End (The Approach W1) and in Shoreditch (The Reliance). The gallery is currently based in its original East End location and continues to expand its programme, showcasing its artists in the main gallery space, as well as The Annexe, a smaller, more experimental space at the back of the building.

The Approach
47 Approach Road
E2 9LY
+44 208 983 3878
  • Hana Miletić: Patterns of Thrift , 7 May - 19 June 2021

    Hana Maletić

    Patterns of Thrift, 2021

    Installation view 

    The Approach, London

    Hana Miletić: Patterns of Thrift

    7 May - 19 June 2021
    For Patterns of Thrift, Hana Miletić will produce new works from her ongoing series Materials. Though at first seemingly abstract, these textiles find their scale, form and colour from the acts of 'care and repair' that Miletić has noticed around the city: broken windows, kicked in doorways and damaged car wing mirrors she has found taped up with plastic and card. The artist emulates these DIY repairs - thereby furthering extending the act of care - through a process of hand-weaving textiles, an embodied and situated art practice. All the works featured at The Approach will be 'half silks', that is, a fabric woven from a silk blended with another material. The employment of 'half silks' for this exhibition hints at the local area's history: Bethnal Green was once host to a vibrant textile industry until the local hand weavers were eventually replaced by machines.
  • Tom Allen: The Promise, 7 May - 19 June 2021

    Tom Allen

    Untitled, 2021

    Oil on canvas

    68.6 x 78.7 cm

    27 x 31 in

    Tom Allen: The Promise

    7 May - 19 June 2021
    For his debut presentation in The Annexe, and his first solo exhibition in London, Tom Allen will show new works from his ongoing series of flower paintings. Using a palette rich with fluorescent, iridescent and metallic colours, Allen draws out the most exuberant qualities of his flower subjects, but then adds more, making surfaces that flash and glimmer. Taking inspiration from the exotic plants that grow in and around his local area in Los Angeles, nearby botanical gardens, and from his travels, Allen first photographs his flowers uncut, in their natural environment. He then returns to the studio to paint his vivacious likenesses in luminous cadmium pigments. These are not still lives, but rather preternatural portraits intended to capture the true spirit or animating principle of the subjects he depicts.