Historic and contemporary art from beyond the mainstream, including art brut, non-academic art and all forms of outsiderism.

The Gallery of Everything is a platform for alternative, neuro-diverse and non-academic art-makers. Its roster includes contemporary and historic art brut, so-called outsider artists, and vernacular objects from the 1800s to the present day.
The gallery engages with a wide network of institutions, artists and curators to place material into major private and public collections. Proceeds support The Museum of Everything, a non-profit organisation and the world’s only intinerant institution for artists and makers beyond the cultural mainstream.

The Gallery of Everything
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  • THE ART OF BRUT, From 22 May

    Aloïse Corbaz
    La Barque du Rêve, c. 1951
    Gouache, pencil, thread on paper

    94 x 59.5 cm

    37 1/8 x 23 3/8 in


    From 22 May
    The Gallery of Everything re-opened on Saturday 22nd May - with The Art of Brut: an installation of alternative authors and makers examined, investigated, published, collected and exhibited by Jean Dubuffet and his contemporaries at le Foyer d'Art Brut in the 1940s. Scheduled to coincide with Brutal Beauty, the Jean Dubuffet retrospective currently on show at the Barbican Art Gallery, The Art of Brut explores this legendary magpie artist's apparent discoveries in terms of their aesthetic, meaning and impact today. The Art of Brut features over twenty historical art brut artists featuring over 100 artworks in a rotating display, this is one of the few times art brut has been explored in depth outside specialist European museums. Celebrated names include: mediumistic painters Augustin Lesage and Fleury-Joseph Crépin; Swiss illustrators Aloïse Corbaz, Louis Soutter and Adolf Wölfli; British creators Scottie Wilson and Madge Gill; and the farmer, folklorist and poet (and...