Frith Street Gallery has been a mainstay of London’s art community since 1989.
Frith Street Gallery was founded in 1989 by Jane Hamlyn in a townhouse in Soho, London. In 2007 the gallery moved to a purpose-built space on Golden Square. Frith Street is renowned for an innovative exhibition programme of leading international contemporary artists working across many varied mediums, from painting and sculpture to film, video and performance. Their work is regularly foregrounded in significant international exhibitions such as Documenta, the Venice Biennale and Manifesta among others. Recognised for fostering new and innovative relationships with collections and institutions, the gallery is able to place work by its artists in some of the...
Frith Street Gallery
17-18 Golden Square
+44 207 494 1550
  • Jaki Irvine: Ack Ro', 21 May - 2 July 2021

    Jacki Irvine

    Ack Ro’, 2021

    installation view at Frith Street Gallery, Golden Square.

    Photo: Stephen White & Co.

    Jaki Irvine: Ack Ro'

    21 May - 2 July 2021
    What if almost the only words available are the lyrics from a song? What if everything you would want to articulate must conform to the words of this song? Ack Ro' by Jaki Irvine contains an ambitious 13-channel video piece, screened on monitors throughout the gallery space. They play an evocative, melodic but haunting composition: Louise Phelan's mournful vocals blend over flute, piano and percussive elements from musicians Joe O'Farrell, Izumi Kimura and Sarah Grimes. Much like the soft layering of the track, the videos overlay images of a vibrating cymbal, Phelan's singing mouth, black and white piano keys coming in and out of focus, all while the curvilinear forms of pink neon hover in the middle-distance. These three synced audio-visual works are accompanied by nine further screens playing short fragments of film shot in Dublin and Mexico City, each with its own 'wild' soundtrack of composed elements and ambient...