NıCOLETTı is a London-based contemporary art gallery dedicated to supporting the development of emerging artists.
Created in 2018 as an itinerant curatorial project, NıCOLETTı opened its permanent gallery space on 12a Vyner Street in May 2019. Committed to facilitating the research, discussion and production of local and global critical discourses, the gallery commissions solo exhibitions and curates thematic group shows that address current artistic, cultural and political questions. Our programme of exhibition investigates current and future socio-ecological paradigms via reflections on contemporary politics of aesthetics. NıCOLETTı’s purpose is to support artists in the realisation of their ideas and projects and to test the potential of artistic practices in the redistribution of sensible modes of perception,...
12A Vyner Street
E2 9DG
+ 44 785 006 7181