Located in Camberwell, Blue Shop Cottage is a central hub for arts, community and culture in South East London.
Blue Shop Cottage is a gallery and events space for selling original artwork by emerging artists and creative learning through talks, events and workshops. Our fundamental belief is that by supporting artists we will help them and the local community here in Camberwell to grow. We think it's important to bring people together physically to open discussion, collaboration and learning giving life to new endeavours, relationships and ideas. Ocki curates exciting art exhibitions throughout the year specialising in emerging artists and thrives on supporting the artist with their creative vision enabling them to put on the best show possible. The...
Blue Shop Cottage
113A Grove Lane
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  • BUCOLIA, 02 - 13 June 2021


    02 - 13 June 2021
    Group show featuring works by Kate MccGwire, Mary Herbert, Beatrice Hasell-McCosh, Tyga Helme, Emily Ponsonby, Katy Papineau, Plum Cloutman, Alice Hartley, Ben Crawford, Francesca Molett, Julia Bennett, Katie Trick, Dominic McHenry and Ryan Orme. A physical summer show celebrating the past year and how the joy of the outside and heat of the summer changed us all a little forever. The show brings together artists in one interior space to celebrate community and the power of nature over what has been a transformative 12 months both for us and for many artists. bucolia /bjuːˈkəʊlɪə/ noun 1. the need and desire for pleasant aspects of the countryside and country life.