Contemporary art, historic building
TJ Boulting was founded in 2011 by current Director Hannah Watson and the late Gigi Giannuzzi, taking its name from the landmark Grade II* listed Arts & Crafts building it inhabits in Fitzrovia, central London. The gallery represents a dynamic group of emerging and mid-career contemporary artists across all mediums, and introduces more established and historic artists through thematic group shows. These are often collaborations with invited curators, such as 'In The Company Of' in 2018 with Katy Hessel, and 'Birth' in 2019 with Charlotte Jansen. TJ Boulting is also the home of independent publisher Trolley Books. Established in 2001,...
TJ Boulting
59 Riding House Street
+44 207 729 6591
  • Kate Dunn - The Tabernacle - Welcome to Pharmakon, 03 June - 03 July 2021

    Kate Dunn - The Tabernacle - Welcome to Pharmakon

    03 June - 03 July 2021
    TJ Boulting presents their first solo show with Kate Dunn. ‘The Tabernacle’ invites you to experience the travelling tent of wandering, with a multi-sensory painting installation through the lens of gabber music’s pharmakon. Gabber music began in Rotterdam in the early 90s and was quickly adopted by hardcore ravers in Thatcher’s Britain, it is characterised by its relentlessly fast, loud and distorted sound. Creating an environment in which the audience becomes one collective body, worshipping not the DJ but the experience itself. Using UV reactive pigments, Kate has created paintings that exist in three stages within the installation – under normal gallery light, then UV light and finally darkness. The performance is seven minutes long and involves fantastically loud gabber music by Shoobz Darg. Under UV light the pigments charge, absorbing and reflecting light and becoming their own light source, which they then emit in darkness, adjusting the opticality of...