Established in 2005, Herald St has two spaces across London and represents 28 international artists.

Herald St was established in 2005 by Ash L’ange and Nicky Verber. With two spaces across London, Herald St represents 28 international artists many of whom are held in museum collections, and are regularly included in exhibitions within public institutions.

Herald St
2 Herald Street
E2 6JT
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  • Ida Ekblad, Jessi Reaves, Diane Simpson, Opening 26 May 2021
    Jessi Reaves 
    Floral ottoman with trapped table (detail)
    Plywood, foam, fabric, paint, hardware, glass and steel
    77 x 370 x 260 cm / 30.3 x 145.7 x 102.4 in 
    Courtesy the artist and Herald St, London
    Photo: Andy Keate.

    Ida Ekblad, Jessi Reaves, Diane Simpson

    Opening 26 May 2021
    Ida Ekblad (b. 1980, Oslo; lives and works in Oslo) works across painting, sculpture, installation and poetry, always oriented firmly around the process of art production. Gestural brushstrokes, dolphins, airbrushing, aliens, junk, graffiti, and puff effects recalling 3D sweatshirt prints from the 1980s are evidence of a certain anarchic practice that does not hesitate to appropriate styles, subjects and materials that are deemed outdated or tasteless. Ekblad's thick, impasto paintings hold a sculptural, relief-like quality, exhibiting energy and rhythm often taken from the artist's poems. Jessi Reaves (b. 1986, Portland; lives and works in New York) works predominantly with furniture, obscuring traditional distinctions between sculpture and design, between the functional and aesthetic. Her sculptures are chairs, sofas, shelves, lamps and tables - and vice versa. Whilst her works employ the structural and technical lexicons of furniture-making, utility is resolutely downgraded in favour of the grotesque and the excessive. Reaves frequently...