Thomas Dane Gallery was established in March 2004 and has two spaces in London and a third space in Naples.
The gallery has developed its distinctive position through a strong commitment to moving image - both in the production and exhibition of works by Bruce Conner, John Gerrard, Steve McQueen, Amie Siegel, Paul Pfeiffer and Akram Zaatari. As well as the staging of complex shows relating to artists’ films from ‘A Certain Tendency in Representation’ curated by Francesco Manacorda to the first major presentation of Bruce Conner films in a UK gallery, the gallery has a history of introducing important mid-generation artists from abroad to London. These include Cecily Brown, Albert Oehlen, Glenn Ligon, Dana Schutz and Arturo Herrera, who...
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  • Patricia Leite: Caninana, 03 June – 25 September 2021

    Patricia Leite
    Saudade do Brasil II, 2021
    Oil on wood
    140 x 160 cm.
    55 1/8 x 63 in.
    © Patricia Leite. Courtesy the artist, Mendes Wood DM São Paulo, Brussels, New York and Thomas Dane Gallery
    Photo: Bruno Leão

    Patricia Leite: Caninana

    03 June – 25 September 2021
    For her inaugural solo exhibition at Thomas Dane Gallery, Patricia Leite presents a new series of oil on wood paintings informed by the landscape of São Paulo’s Barra do Una. Leite’s paintings frequently involve the layering of pigment to ruminate on temporal and evanescent states such as qualities of light, ephemeral atmospheres and momentary sensations. In this new body of work, Leite examines a particularly biodiverse ecosystem, portraying the flora, fauna, waterfalls and seascapes of the region. As a site of outstanding natural beauty, the Barra do Una is also subject to profound environmental damage. For Caninana, Leite distils the Barra do Una’s biodiversity to its essence, making visible details otherwise overlooked and celebrating the region’s abundant yet fragile complexity.