Cooke Latham Gallery is a contemporary gallery showcasing emerging and mid-career artists

Cooke Latham Gallery launched in December 2018 in a 19th century warehouse in London’s Battersea. The space aims to support emerging and mid-career artists. We hope to maintain a programme that continually challenges both us and our audiences and allows a forum for urgent questions both political and aesthetic to be aired. 

Cooke Latham
41 Parkgate Road
SW11 4NP
+44 780 288 4525
  • Simon English: Paint Your Wagon, 05 June - 09 July 2021

    Simon English

    Empty (pink), 2021

    Gouache, acrylic, oil on canvas

    144 x 100 cm

    Simon English: Paint Your Wagon

    05 June - 09 July 2021
    Simon is perhaps best known for his large and small-scale ‘painted drawings’ in which he mingles his distinctive imagery and words. He moves lightly between tight draughtsmanship and a playfully abandoned application of colour and line. Language is paramount with diaristic musings interspersed with song lyrics, poetry and humorous one-liners. Self-described as ‘automatic’, his work has the spontaneity of stream-of-consciousness, exploring themes of love and loss, as well as gay and popular culture. The exhibition is comprised of a series of large, jointed, canvases. Essentially diptychs, the two halves are often composed by English independently and then paired with the same spontaneous flare with which he channels words and experiences into paint. The pairs jar with each other and converse. Some are carefully composed across the bridge where the canvases meet, others are like sheets from a Goliath’s sketch pad, teared and paired with a seeming abandon which belies the...