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MASSIMODECARLO, London focuses on a diverse range of established artists on the frontier of the contemporary art world.

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  • Dennis Kardon: Strange Waters, 18 May - 15 June 2021

    Dennis Kardon
    Return of the Repressed, 2020
    Oil on linen
    137.2 × 121.9 cm

    54 × 48 in

    Courtesy the Artist and MASSIMODECARLO

    Photo: Todd-White Art Photography

    Dennis Kardon: Strange Waters

    18 May - 15 June 2021
    MASSIMODECARLO is pleased to present Strange Waters, Dennis Kardon's debut solo exhibition with the gallery, and the New York based artist's first in London. Dennis Kardon (b. 1950, Des Moines, Iowa) challenges painting's potential by creating representational scenes that materialize from loose abstract brushstrokes. The New York-based artist treats the surface of his canvases as a field he endows with various properties like reflection and distortion creating representations pervaded with a feeling of unexpected intimacy. Strange Waters comprises a selection of artworks made in the last four years that are permeated with the artist's nuanced response to current events and personal life's memories. The title of the exhibition refers to a quote by Frank Herbert, the author of the 1965 science-fiction novel Dune, who thinks of survival as 'the ability to swim in strange water'. Water is a recurring element in Kardon's paintings and, due to its transparency, is treated...
  • Karin Gulbran: Somnambulist, 18 May - 25 June 2021

    Karin Gulbran

    Somnambulist, 2021

    Installation view at MASSIMODECARLO, London

    Courtesy the Artist and MASSIMODECARLO

    Photo: Todd-White Art Photography

    Karin Gulbran: Somnambulist

    18 May - 25 June 2021
    MASSIMODECARLO presents Somnambulist, the first exhibition in the UK by the American artist Karin Gulbran and her second with our gallery. Karin Gulbran, initially trained as a painter, turned her interests towards ceramics during the early stages of her career. Seamlessly shifting from two to three dimensions, her works reveal fantastic and figurative scenes on hand-built pots and vases, that feature wide-eyed creatures, lush nature, and inhabited waters. Gulbran's expressive beasts and creatures crawl around the edges of the works, the artist's hand navigating the bumps and hollows of the surface with an ease that demonstrates her ability as a painter. The artworks in Somnambulist evoke a landscape of water and woods. The theme of the Somnambulist has interested the artist for a long time, inspired by the tradition of late nineteenth century European Symbolist painting. To Gulbran, Somnambulism is a metaphor for the intuitive and liminal spaces of artmaking,...