Sylvia Kouvali opened Rodeo in 2007 in Istanbul. As well as looking to the local region, the programme has always had an international approach, with a focus on the qualities of the works, rather than geographies. The gallery’s primary goal is to expand the dialogue between collectors, museums and curators towards international understanding of contemporary art. Rodeo focuses on working in close connection with institutions and biennials alongside the artists to produce and present new ground-breaking works internationally. In October 2014, Rodeo opened its second space in London’s Soho, where this focus has been expanded, bringing significant presence in major...
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  • Leidy Churchman: The Between is Ringing

    12 April - 06 June 2021
    Leidy Churchman has created a prodigious number of paintings based on images and signs taken from the slipstream of their everyday encounters. These are frequently exhibited alongside abstract works that recall atmospheric and viscous space. Writers have noted that Churchman tends to pluck images from a wide range of sources including screen grabs from internet searches about animals and science, book and magazine covers, other artist’s artworks, embroidered pillows, tarot cards, and reproductions of medieval manuscripts. Churchman has also based their paintings on sculptures, icons, and Lojong slogan cards from the Buddhist tradition. The old Taoist saying “the between is ringing” speaks to the Buddhist doctrine of non-duality, often translated into English as co-dependent arising, dependent origination, or even interdependent co-arising. It means that all phenomena arise in dependence upon other phenomena. This is to say (borrowing from Lauryn Hill’s 1999 single and Donny Hathaway’s 1970 album before it) that...