Gallery dealing in international contemporary art with an emphasis on sculpture and sculptural installations.
After more than 30 years as a dealer and consultant in post-war and contemporary art, Holtermann opened its first public gallery at Peggy Guggenheim’s former Cork Street address in October 2019. The new gallery expands on Holtermann's core activity of showing and placing important sculptural works in urban and natural settings. Working with individual artists and their galleries, the programme emphasizes contemporary sculpture in carefully curated shows setting individual works in historical and cultural contexts thereby contributing to the dialogue on an artist’s oeuvre, relationships and position. Holtermann has been instrumental in the formation of several important private museum collections...
Holtermann Fine Art
30 Cork Street
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  • Shared Sculptures: Bill Woodrow and Richard Deacon, 13 April - 06 June 2021

    Shared Sculptures: Bill Woodrow and Richard Deacon

    Installation view at Holtermann Fine Art, 2021

    Artworks ©Bill Woodrow ©Richard Deacon

    Courtesy Holtermann Fine Art.

    Photo: Ollie Hammick


    Shared Sculptures: Bill Woodrow and Richard Deacon

    13 April - 06 June 2021
    Bill Woodrow and Richard Deacon have been making sculptures together for over thirty years. This new exhibition is the first to showcase sculptures made throughout this period, drawing from the bodies of work they have created. They call these works 'shared sculptures': a testimony to the joint authorship and responsibility both artists have for them. Friendship is important too and these sculptures are shared adventures that they both commit to together. Often playful, the works take the artists in surprising directions outside their individual practices, whilst also operating within the frameworks of particular materials and themes. Woodrow and Deacon made their first shared sculpture in 1990, a work called Democratic Process, and have since gone on to make over sixty sculptures together. These form bodies of works which have been variously shown in exhibitions: Only the Lonely (1993), Monuments (1999), Lead Astray (2004), On the Rocks (2008) and Don't Start...