Focused on three gallery spaces across central London, Sadie Coles HQ has been presenting exhibitions of new and established artists for twenty-five years.
Sadie Coles HQ is a London-based contemporary art gallery representing around fifty established and emerging international artists. The gallery opened in London in 1997, with its inaugural exhibition – of new paintings by American painter John Currin – presented in parallel with an offsite show by British artist Sarah Lucas, The Law, at St John Street. This pairing established the international breadth of the gallery's programme, which it has since expanded upon over the past two decades. Since its inception, Sadie Coles HQ has operated from a variety of spaces, mounting numerous off-site projects throughout the city and abroad; most...
Sadie Coles HQ
8 Bury Street
+44 207 493 8611
  • Martine Syms: SOFT, Opening in June 2021

    Martine Syms
    Eventually, Finally, 2021
    Credit: © Martine Syms, courtesy Sadie Coles HQ, London.
    Photo: Eva Herzog.

    Martine Syms: SOFT

    Opening in June 2021
    SOFT – Martine Syms third exhibition at Sadie Coles HQ – will comprise a recent series of photographic prints, as well as a new body of drawings on paper (the first time she has exhibited work in this media). Drawn from Syms’ personal image archive, the works weave together autobiographical elements with that of contemporary life and culture. Represented as isolated fragments, the focus of each renders the image with a renewed significance and narrative potential. Within her practice, Syms employs a range of media, including video, installation, artificial intelligence, performance and writing, to address everyday representations of Black identities, and its relationship to the vernacular and that of performed or imposed identities, as well as feminist discourses. Conceptually-driven, her work is defined by keen sense of social commentary, often interwoven with humour, that is articulated through the lens of gesture, language and digital modes of communication.