Art does not represent what we see. It makes us see.

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art fosters a group of emerging and mid-career international artists, as well as selected younger artists in its “Breeder” part of the gallery program. PHCA promotes artistic positions that reveal the relations between the physical and the metaphysical. The gallery's quest is to find artistic statements that explore the human condition by revealing realms of our mind and imagination that only art can reach. The core gallery program has an emphasis on works of paper, a medium founder Patrick Heide is passionate about since starting the gallery in 2007.

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art
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  • Mohammed Sami: Apocrypha, 05 May - 19 June 2021

    Mohammed Sami

    Poor Folk II, 2019

    Acrylic on linen


    Mohammed Sami: Apocrypha

    05 May - 19 June 2021
    Patrick Heide Contemporary Art is delighted to present the first solo exhibition of Iraqi artist Mohammed Sami entitled Apocrypha. Mohammed Sami’s paintings explore the stratifications of memory and trauma triggered by common everyday objects and environments. He employs diffused and layered messages that can be read in multiple ways to grasp our imagination. Rather than directly relating to the Iraq conflict, which he witnessed first-hand, Sami’s paintings articulate its recollection remotely and obliquely – usually through traditional painting subjects such as still-life, interiors and landscapes, pervaded by a sense of unease, absence and metaphorical allusion. “Painting is the means by which I engage the traces of personal memory” Sami explains. “Memories are curious things, sometimes they masquerade as shadows, objects, smell or even something banal, without revealing themselves as memories…”