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Founded in 2000 in London, Sprovieri nurtures a program in all media defined by conceptualism. The artists explore the human condition and anticipate the socio-political changes of today, questioning the boundaries of their practices. The gallery represents international established artists (Cabrita, Jimmie Durham, Ilya and Emilia Kabakov, Boris Mikhailov), the Estate of Jannis Kounellis and promotes the careers of emerging artists. A third generation gallery which started in Rome in 1913 showing the Italian Futurism and the Russian Avant-garde, Sprovieri also investigates the Italian Post-War radical practices.

23 Heddon Street
+44 207 734 2066
  • Pavel Pepperstein: Song of Liberty, 26 April - 25 June 2021

    Pavel Pepperstein: Song of Liberty

    26 April - 25 June 2021
    Song of Liberty consists of twenty-one watercolour illustrations of William Blake's poem. The drawings illustrate images charged with a strong religious, satirical and political content. Mythological and historical figures, such as Albion and the Pope, are merged together under the umbrella of fairy tale and caricatural scenes. In Pepperstein’s graphic, painterly works, ancient mythology encounters avant-garde forms, to which the artist adds his own handwritten description element.