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gallery rosenfeld was established in 2011 taking over 3,000 sqft over two floors in a prime location in Central London, promptly emerging as a protagonist of Fitzrovia’s art scene. With six exhibitions per year, the gallery space has granted notable exposure for gallery artists and curated projects. Conveying a cross-disciplinary approach, gallery rosenfeld is devoted to establishing a forward-looking dialogue with artists, performers, critics, art historians and institutions. Its international outlook gives voice to a diversity of languages and practices from across the world. The programme embraces the global zeitgeist presenting solo shows by established and emerging artists interspersed with...
gallery rosenfeld
37 Rathbone Street
+44 207 637 1133
  • The Landscape: from the exterior to the interior, 06 May - 12 June 2021

    Araminta Blue

    The Block, 2020

    Oil on canvas

    200 x 160 cm

    The Landscape: from the exterior to the interior

    06 May - 12 June 2021
    Group show featuring works by Araminta Blue, Lu Chao, Mutaz Elemam, Ndidi Emefiele, Marianna Gioka, Naoya Inose, Eduardo Stupia and Ruozhe Xue. From its inception in 2010, gallery rosenfeld has always been interested in the genres which have defined art history and how they continue to provide inspiration for contemporary artists. Although the 'portrait, 'still life' and 'landscape' still have a relevance, there is very little critical attention on these supposedly 'out-dated' subjects. The only exception to this is the portrait, which has recently assumed a renewed predominance. The gallery will now host two exhibitions centred around 'The Landscape'. The first will open on May 6th and is entitled The Landscape Part 1 - From the Exterior to the Interior, whilst the second The Landscape Part 2 - From Arcadia to the City, will open in late July. The first exhibition will explore how traditional ideas of landscape have evolved...