New media art gallery
ANNKA KULTYS is a commercial new media art gallery, located in East London and operating since September 2015. In the short time since its opening, the gallery has emerged as a leading platform for a future generation of artists. In April 2020, the gallery launched [The art happens here], an online platform dedicated to the showcasing of digital art in its natural habitat, so to speak. The creation of the online platform provides a natural extension to the gallery’s offline programme which has as one of its strengths the presentation of “digital natives” or artists making art that engages with...
Unit 9, 472 Hackney Road
E2 9EQ
+44 745 556 1887
  • Gretchen Andrew: Other Forms of Travel

    Gretchen Andrew: Other Forms of Travel

    For the London Gallery Weekend, Annka Kultys Gallery is pleased to present Other Forms of Travel, an exhibition of new paintings by the search engine American artist Gretchen Andrew. These new works, referred to as 'vision boards', represent the raw material for Gretchen's exploitation of online search engines. Best known for her playful hacks of major art world institutions such as Artforum, The Turner Prize and and The Whitney Biennial, Other Forms of Travel unleashes four new series that actively reprogram the artificial intelligence underlying the global Internet. Gretchen Andrew calls the paintings she produces in conjunction with her hacks, 'vision boards' and she has been producing them in series with titles like Cover of Artforum, The next American President or Best MFA since 2019. They begin as charcoal on canvas and grow to include traditionally feminine imagery such as flowers and butterflies with collage elements that add a level...