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Established by Christian Mooney in 2008.

Arcade offers both a programme of exhibitions and a constantly evolving platform of performances, live events, talks and publications. Through this range of formats Arcade aims to find new modes of presentation and to represent some of the complexities of the contemporary art scene today; exploring new developments in international contemporary art, across a range of practices, media and concerns.

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  • Clive Hodgson at Drake's, 4 June - 31 July 2021

    Clive Hodgson

    Untitled, 2019

    Oil on canvas

    55 x 60 cm

    Clive Hodgson at Drake's

    4 June - 31 July 2021
    On the occasion of London Gallery Weekend, Arcade is pleased to collaborate with menswear brand Drake's to host an exhibition of paintings by Clive Hodgson at their flagship store on Savile Row. Hodgson first rose to prominence in the UK in the 1980s with a body of figurative painting but has since sought to deconstruct compositions to their pictorial component parts. Recent works feature primary colour, minimal lines, both gestural and printed marks, pure abstraction and decorative devices. Each boldly incorporates both his name and the year in which they were produced, being thus less abstractions but rather exercises (perhaps reminiscent of 19th century, cross-stitched samplers). His practice has been compared to that of painters as widely diverse as On Kawara (for its dates and dutiful discipline) and with Raoul De Keyser (for its informal lyricism). Each painting appears as a bold experiment on a large white ground - at...