• Route

    Tours will be held every morning and afternoon Fri-Sun. Scroll down to see the schedule and book your free spot.
  • We kickoff this East London itinerary with Nicoletti’s group exhibition that examines the relationship between ecology and colonialism through the works of Ali Cherri, Karrabing Film Collective, Candice Lin and others.

    A 7min walk takes us to Sherbet Green participating for the first time in London Gallery Weekend with ‘Jupiter Walk’ an exhibition evoking the desire to transcend the earthly. Next door, Soft Opening presents ceramics by Japanese artist Narumi Nekpenekpen.

    We then immerse ourselves in the world of ChatGPT with Jonas Lund’s installation at Annka Kultys Gallery. The exhibition entirely co-created by the artist with an AI Chatbot, will feature videos and a new series of tapestries, a sofa and a desk in an CEO’s office-like environment.

    We then make our way to The Approach where after seeing paintings by Tom Allen and Peter Davies you can grab a drink at the tavern below.