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    Tours will be held twice on Sunday. Scroll down to see the schedule and book your free spot.
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    See the tour schedule and book your free spot here. Limited availability


    We start on Three Colts Lane where our first stop is Project Native Informant, with two exhibitions: a group show of new paintings by Antonia Kuo, Kathryn Kerr, and Leslie Martinez; and a solo of new sculptures by British artist Laurence Sturla. Next door, we go to mother’s tankstation, presenting new works by Matt Bollinger. 


    Down the road, Maureen Paley showcases Hannah Starkey’s meticulously choreographed photographs turning the light on the representation of women in contemporary culture.


    Across the road, Herald St presents the first solo with the gallery of Cole Lu, encompassing sculpture as well as ‘paintings’ made of burnt wood and linen panels. 


    Just a few steps away, Cara Benedetto’s series of prints examines white victimhood at Rose Easton.

    Heading north on Cambridge Heath Road, we then make our way to The Approach where Adelaide Cioni takes inspiration from Ancient Egyptian philosophy to invite us to reflect on our relationship with the artworks while connecting with questions of translation. Head downstairs to the pub to finish off the tour with a drink!