The Residence Gallery connects rising contemporary art with cultural custodians of the future.
The Residence Gallery is a contemporary art platform for transformative culture and exceptional, emerging to mid-career artists. Exhibited artists include Meitao Qu, Jack Jubb, Lulua Alyahya, Ahaad Alamoudi, Tom Hardwick-Allan, Benjamin Reichwald, Bora Akinciturk, Robert Hawkins, Shailee Mehta, Brad Phillips, and Rachel Jones. The gallery re-launched in 2020 at its headquarters on Victoria Park Road in the East London borough of Hackney, curated by Founding Director Ingrid Welsh and Associate Director Ed Leeson. The programme features works in all media including painting, sculpture, sound, and augmented reality. The gallery is currently launching TRG Press, featuring limited edition artist books. The...
The Residence Gallery
229 Victoria Park Road
E9 7HD
+44 208 985 0321