The Residence Gallery connects rising contemporary art with cultural custodians of the future.
The Residence Gallery is a contemporary art platform for transformative culture and exceptional, emerging and under-represented artists. Founded by Ingrid Welsh (a.k.a. Ingrid Z), the gallery evolved organically out of an experimental artist-run project est. 2005, spanning an abandoned hospital, a shopfront and a Verger's Cottage in Hackney, East London. The inspiration was taken from a revised idea of the Wunderkammer, merging art, music, fashion and underground culture. Fast forward to present day, the gallery is a commercial contemporary gallery located on Victoria Park Road in Hackney, curated by Founding Director Ingrid Welsh and Associate Director Ed Leeson. The current...
The Residence Gallery
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  • EARTHLINGS: MMXXI, 04 June - 19 June 2021

    EARTHLINGS MMXXI exhibition poster by Ingrid Welsh
    Courtesy The Residence Gallery


    04 June - 19 June 2021
    EARTHLINGS: Davina-Ann Robinson, Jack Jubb, Jasmin Jahmeelah, Nooka Shepherd and Oscar Crabb Presenting the inaugural 2021 edition of EARTHLINGS, a new artist collective/movement made up of artworld ambassadors for a planet in peril. EARTHLINGS are a diverse community working across all media with a strategic focus on the environment as a whole. In this exhibition, EARTHLINGS take a critical look at the state of the planet, the artworld carbon footprint and how we can evolve to become more sustainable and socially responsible. This focus also takes into account biological systems, circularity and regeneration. The exhibition will examine real-world dystopian human impact and optimistic solutions for the future. 10% of profits from art sales will be donated to Cool Earth , a UK charity that works alongside rainforest communities to halt deforestation and its impact on climate change.