Contemporary gallery in London with program focused on 'new voices' in international painting
Claas Reiss is a contemporary art gallery opened in October 2020 with over 1,250 sqf exhibition space in a central London location in the Regent’s Park Estate. The gallery was established with the aim of developing a high quality international gallery programme dedicated to ’new voices’, focused on contemporary painting, an international roster, bricks-and-mortar and based on a collaborative spirit with overseas spaces, curators and the art community in a wider sense. Claas Reiss is also the initiator of PROJEKTRAUM LONDON, an intimate exhibition space situated on the lower level of the gallery, yet fully independent of the gallery’s programme....
Claas Reiss
96 Robert Street
+44 776 956 6922
  • James Collins: Penumbra, 20 May - 19 June 2021

    James Collins

    Penumbra, 2021

    Installation view at Claas Reiss, London

    James Collins: Penumbra

    20 May - 19 June 2021
    Claas Reiss is pleased to announce 'Penumbra' with new paintings by British artist James Collins in his first solo show and an essay written by Sacha Craddock. 'Without the painterly equivalent of clothing to represent a definable era, Collins holds on to a lifeline of naked understanding, to the assumption of implication. While James Collins's paintings carry no specific reference to period, time, or illusion, they do point to a range of signs, symbols, and significances embedded in the apparent logic of painting. The implication here is that this work has always been there, that the artist is delivering rather than inventing from the start. The observer can be thrown into questioning whether the relationship to the work is of one-to-one physicality or about looking from far away; 'is it a lake or a puddle, a sea or splodge?', but such insecurity about scale is part of a wider question...
  • Sara Rossi: Florilegium, 24 April - 06 June 2021

    Sara Rossi

    Florilegium, 2021

    Installation view at Claas Reiss, London

    Sara Rossi: Florilegium

    24 April - 06 June 2021
    PROJEKTRAUM LONDON is pleased to announce its inaugural exhibition Florilegium with new works by Frankfurt am Main, Germany, based artist Sara Rossi in her first show in the UK, and an essay by Marie Oucherif. Marie Oucherif is a Frankfurt am Main based writer and curator, and currently Curatorial Assistant at Schirn Kunsthalle Frankfurt. 'The Latin term Florilegium is the seed for the English 'anthology' or the more poetic German 'Blütenlese' - literally, a harvest of petals. Medieval anthologies consisted of a fine selection of plants, and even cherry-picked writings or passages and excerpts (many of which had been textually altered) that were arranged alphabetically or systematically in one volume. Sara Rossi's exhibition at Projektraum London uses paintings themselves as the entries of a Florilegium, introducing the reader to acreative process in which the perception of the act of painting becomes a writing practise, comparable to the slow growth and...