Simon Lee Gallery is an international art gallery representing over 35 established and emerging contemporary artists and estates.

Founded in London in 2002, Simon Lee Gallery represents artists of diverse generations whose practices explore a wide range of media, from sculpture and painting to video and photography, and who share a broad interest in an exploration of the conceptual. Aiming to provide a significant international audience for its artists, the gallery also regularly punctuates its programme with historical exhibitions and curated group shows, which present shifts in contemporary art practice and thought, whilst broadening the dialogue with artists outside of the gallery’s core programme.

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    Werner Büttner
    The Youth of the Venus of Willendorf, 2019
    Oil on canvas
    150 x 120 cm

    59 1/8 x 47 1/4 in

    © The Artist

    Courtesy of the artist and Simon Lee Gallery


    13 May - 10 June 2021
    Simon Lee Gallery is proud to present No Scene from My Studio, an exhibition of new and recent works by artist Werner Büttner. This is the artist’s debut exhibition with the gallery, coming ahead of a major retrospective spanning his career since the early 80s at the Hamburger Kunsthalle, Germany later this year. Büttner is renowned for drawing out deeper layers of meaning from day-to-day life which may, at first glance, seem banal. His canvases and collages depict a tragi-comic reality, confronting social norms with both irony and satire, while retaining a firm grip on the history of painting. Driven by this unapologetic philosophy, Büttner, alongside Martin Kippenberger and Albert Oehlen, became a reactive voice in Hamburg in the late 1970s. The trio felt that art needed to address the failures of human morality within society. The subversive visual language they shaped, dubbed ‘Bad Painting’, dispensed with painterly conventions of...
  • Sonya Boyce: Oh Adelaide

    Sonia Boyce

    Oh Adelaide, 2010

    1 projected video, stereo sound and 2 speakers

    TRT: 7 minutes

    Dimensions variable

    Edition 6 of 6 + 2 AP

    © Sonia Boyce. All Rights Reserved, DACS/Artimage 2021

    Sonya Boyce: Oh Adelaide

    On the occasion of London Gallery Weekend, we are delighted to present Oh Adelaide, 2010, a video work by Sonia Boyce and sound artist Ain Bailey, which incorporates found film footage from the internet of the late jazz singer and entertainer, Adelaide Hall (1901-1993). Through re-imagining the footage Hall is re-rendered as an ethereal figure on the stage in which she appears both in and outside of history – a sense that is underscored by Bailey’s immersive and haunting soundtrack comprised of re-worked audio tracks of Hall and other performers from the ‘Devotional Collection’: an ongoing project since 1999 that Boyce has been developing on Black women in the British music industry. Adelaide Hall is widely regarded as a pioneer of jazz scat singing: a wordless technique where the voice mimics a musical instrument. She appears throughout Oh Adelaide, and yet is also eclipsed by the illuminated animation, that threatens...