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  • Will Martyr: You Gave Me Paradise, 27 May - 03 July 2021

    Will Martyr

    You Are Water Giving Life, 2020

    Acrylic on canvas

    150 cm diameter

    Courtesy of the Artist and Unit London.

    Will Martyr: You Gave Me Paradise

    27 May - 03 July 2021
    You Gave Me Paradise has an overwhelming feel of warmth and compassion. In placing figures throughout the works, Will Martyr is introducing companions into his previously uninhabited worlds. The surroundings remain indelibly seductive, but are almost obscured by the close, relaxed and unguarded human presence. These works were made following a year in which human connection was drastically restricted; they offer a vibrant sense of hope and resilience, one that chimes with our current enhanced desire to connect with others