Founded in 1946, Marlborough is an art gallery showcasing modern and contemporary artworks and exhibitions with locations in London, New York, Madrid and Barcelona.

6 Albemarle Street
+ 44 207 629 5161
  • Victor Pasmore: Line & Space, 12 April - 06 June 2021

    Victor Pasmore

    Line and Space, 2021

    Installation view at Marlborough, London, View 3

    Photo: Luke Walker

    Victor Pasmore: Line & Space

    12 April - 06 June 2021
    Following the success of Victor Pasmore's exhibition at Hastings Contemporary, this retrospective provides a unique chance to take stock of a major figure in the international abstract movement. Pasmore's incredibly versatile output was described by former Tate Director Alan Bowness as 'a succession of metamorphoses that have at various times dismayed, astonished and delighted his admirers... surely one of the outstanding and most original contributions that anyone has made to the art of our time.'