We believe that showing art, supporting artists, adding to the conversation and being rigorous and committed in our approach is important to our city and the wider art community. We believe this is important.

Darren Flook opened Freehouse in October 2018 in Bethnal Green, East London, with a solo show of works by Tobias Spichtig, and a permanent neon work in the gallery’s window by Claire Fontaine. The gallery specialises in work by living artists, presenting five to six shows a year.

54 Three Colts Lane
E2 6GH
+44 752 103 5474
  • Tobias Spichtig: Nothing, 03 June - 17 July 2021

    Tobias Spichtig

    Installation view at Freehouse, London

    Tobias Spichtig: Nothing

    03 June - 17 July 2021
    'Individually, let alone taken all together, the connotations are almost all too much, which is the point because the too much is also what makes Spichtig's work, at its core, also funny-and universal, a kind of mediagenic openness that one finds on record covers and memes.' - Caroline Busta, New Models Tobias Spichtig was born in 1982 in Switzerland, and lives and works between Berlin and Zurich. Across his paintings, sculptures, and performances, he creates empty, floating, and vacuous gestures, which are in turn heavily poetic. Often, his work alludes to social occasions such as crowds hanging out at the back of a gallery vernissage or a Berlin nightclub - the dream of a party, rather than the party itself, dredged up by its participant and commentator. To these scenes, the artist sometimes adds crap from the street, such as sofas, yellowing mattresses, or refrigerators: figments of domesticity. It is...