An assembly run project space in Deptford, London.
We're a new space in Deptford offering artist exhibitions, education and representation. We facilitate an annual assembly to define our programme democratically and is transferred each year, helping us to remain relevant and forward thinking. We take no commission and we pay our artists a bursary to produce work. We aim to contend with the tension and hierarchies of traditional commercial models and provide an association for artists, visitors, curators and collectors to engage with each other in a more open context. The assembly allows an ever evolving environment without the pressures of commercial models; we aim to be free...
Xxijra Hii
Enclave 4, 50 Resolution Way
+44 775 973 7939
  • Stewart Cliff - Metro, 29 April - 12 June 2021

    Stuart Cliff

    Marshes, 2020

    Newsprint, spray paint, acrylic on board 

    Stewart Cliff - Metro

    29 April - 12 June 2021
    Transferring found imagery from printed material to create a new composition, Cliff’s work reflects the proliferation of imagery in the contemporary environment. The process of transferring the image results in an impression which is both delicate and soft, far removed from the crude printed imagery from which it was sourced. Recent works have featured elements of nature in them, flowers and fruit as well as birds and insects. The inclusion of such motifs not only recalls early photography but image making from before then; such as the mural painting of the ancients. By alluding to such image making processes Cliff is perhaps questioning whether depiction still has the capacity to captivate us with the physical world as it once did. Using an owl as a motif, a motif whose meaning has consistently shifted over the ages, is a direct reference to the instability of meaning in depiction.