Black Box Projects is a London-based contemporary gallery specialising in unique and process-based photography and contemporary art.

Black Box Projects specialises in contemporary photography and contemporary art that is created using photographic materials. The gallery is committed to working with artists who push the limits of traditional photographic practice. The gallery does not keep a permanent space, as a founding member of Cromwell Place we base our exhibition programme within the various galleries of this arts-collaborative based in South Kensington. Black Box Projects aims to be a pioneer of the changing gallery model, as well as presenting a transparent working model with artists, clients and other gallerists that fosters community, creativity and collaboration.

Black Box Projects
4 Cromwell Place, Gallery 3
+44 753 444 9706
  • Joni Sternbach: SURFBOARD, 01 - 10 June 2021

    Joni Sternbach

    19.02.12 #10 Lightning Bolt, 2019

    Silver gelatin photograph

    Courtesy of Black Box Projects

    © Joni Sternbach

    Joni Sternbach: SURFBOARD

    01 - 10 June 2021
    Black Box Projects is delighted to present its first solo exhibition of photographs by Joni Sternbach in the United Kingdom, taken from her most recent series SURFBOARD. Over the last twenty years, Sternbach has worked with large format cameras and early photographic processes to explore how we observe, relate to and interact with the earth's oceans. For her current exhibition she digs deeper, concentrating on the vessel designed for ocean voyage - the surfboard. Surfboards, through Sternbach's careful eye, are presented as remarkable examples of functional design and the SURFBOARD series tells a compelling story of a critical American art form. While surf pictures are traditionally studies of motion, by turning her camera away from the ocean and instead focusing on the utilitarian tools of the surfer, we discover an ethnographic study in stillness, portraits captured in a silvery and antiqued timelessness. SURFBOARD is a celebration and impassioned study of...