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Founded in 2015, Maddox Gallery has quickly established itself as an international powerhouse within the world of contemporary and modern art. With five locations in London, Gstaad and Los Angeles showcasing some of the most respected blue-chip, established and emerging artists, our galleries are welcoming spaces in which both seasoned and aspiring collectors can immerse themselves in the art world. Exhibiting artworks by some of the most talented emerging artists of today, including The Connor Brothers, Bradley Theodore and Joseph Klibansky, we are dedicated to supporting the work of the artists within the Maddox Gallery group. Alongside established names like...
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  • The Past, Present & Imperceptible, 20 May - 10 June 2021

    The Miaz Brothers

    Axis Around The Island, 2020

    Courtesy Maddox Gallery

    The Past, Present & Imperceptible

    20 May - 10 June 2021
    Maddox Gallery is proud to present The Past, Present & Imperceptible, a solo exhibition of works by Italian duo, the Miaz Brothers. Following residency this past year at Maddox Gallery in Shepherd Market, the Miaz Brothers return with a body of work that challenges perception more than ever before. Rendered in their signature style with layers of aerosol paint, the duo’s latest exhibition offers clouded projections of old masters and apparitions in candle-lit scenes; works that are at once a hazed account of legends, fables and disparate fantasies.