International group of galleries specialising in contemporary and modern art
Founded in 2015, Maddox Gallery has quickly established itself as a powerhouse within the world of contemporary and modern art. With international locations showcasing some of the most respected blue-chip, established and emerging artists, our galleries are welcoming spaces in which both seasoned and aspiring collectors can immerse themselves in the art world. Maddox supports the careers of talented emerging artists including Dawn Okoro, Cooper, Ross Muir and Sebastian Chaumeton, alongside established names such as Coco Dávez, The Connor Brothers and David Yarrow. Maddox also exhibits art by world-renowned figures such as Andy Warhol, George Condo, Banksy, Kusama, Jean-Michel Basquiat...
Maddox Gallery
9 Maddox Street
+44 207 870 7622