VITRINE is focused on artistic experimentation and emerging interdisciplinary practices.
VITRINE is focused on artistic experimentation and emerging interdisciplinary practices. The gallery was founded in London in 2010, with a second space in Basel opened in 2016 and a third digital space launched in 2020. Over this decade, we have established a reputation as a selector and nurturer of new talent and our continued aim is to support artists’ careers and the growth of their ideas. Our programme is focused on interdisciplinary approaches in a variety of media, concentrating on artists working in installation, sculpture and performance. We are committed to support experimental practices that flourish site-responsively, in alternative environments...
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  • Tarek Lakhrissi: Perfume of Traitors, 02 May - 22 August 2021

    Tarek Lakhrissi

    Perfume of Traitors, 2021

    Installation view at VITRINE, London

    Photo: Jonathan Bassett

    Tarek Lakhrissi: Perfume of Traitors

    02 May - 22 August 2021
    Perfume of Traitors is French artist, poet and writer Tarek Lakhrissi’s first solo show in the UK. The exhibition presents an installation by the artist comprising of a new series of metal sculptures which exist somewhere between swords and signs, continuing the artist’s research into the need to defend oneself as a political practice and building a new language through visual forms. Lakhrissi works across installation, performance, film, text and sculpture, engaging in political and social issues around transformative narratives within language, magic, weirdness, codes and love. Having studied literature, each project Lakhrissi initiates derives from text; poetry and language being his primary obsession, before translating ideas from these mediums into visual art. The work of French writer Jean Genet has been a large influence on Lakhrissi’s work and life. For Perfume of Traitors, Lakhrissi has drawn on the philosophy of betrayal that Genet’s seminal novel The Thief’s Journal contemplates...