Challenging the notions of the East and West
Based in London, A.I. is a gallery platform for early career artists; it is committed to encouraging dialogue and challenging the notions of the East and West. Artists represented: Haffendi Anuar, Sarah Choo Jing, Weixin Quek Chong, Fiona Ones
4 Cromwell Place
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  • Fiona Ones: Do Not Name a Feeling, 2 - 13 June 2021

    Fiona Ones

    Palm, 2020

    Archival print on Hahnemuhle paper

    22 x 15 cm

    © artist, A.I.

    Fiona Ones: Do Not Name a Feeling

    2 - 13 June 2021
    For the inaugural edition of London Gallery Weekend taking place 4-6 June 2021, A.I. will show a solo exhibition of new works by Fiona Ones (b.1985, Germany) across two locations: 4 Cromwell Place and 1a Tenter Ground - A.I.'s newly relocated space. Do Not Name a Feeling will feature works comprising both photography and drawings. Fiona Ones' primary interest lies within the shifting boundaries within the photographic medium. The artist is also concerned with exploring the parallel between photography and drawing. Using experimental techniques, her practice has evolved to challenge the engagement with surface, light, negative and positive and the trace; the sense of an invisible 'apparatus' (the camera, pen or needle). Exhibition text written by Christian Ganzenberger.